• JUNE 30th for summer and fall enrolment
  • OCTOBER 30th for January enrolment

Special notice should be taken that these deadlines have been established for receiving applications for support and are of the utmost importance. Those received after these deadlines run the risk of simply not being considered or, should they eventually gain consideration, of remaining unfunded due to the exhaustion of budgets since these may very well prove insufficient to secure approval of all applications received.


Financial support can only be provided within existing budgets, so applications will be dealt with according to the priority levels listed below and the order in which they were received. Should the budget be exhausted, applications that have not yet been approved will remain unfunded until the following year, until supplementary funds are received (which remains unlikely) or until a change occurs in the budgetary situation.

  • PRIORITY 1: Students continuing their post-secondary training uninterrupted and those entering post-secondary from high school.
  • PRIORITY 2: New applications from individuals whose applications remained unfunded the previous year due to lack of sufficient budgets.
  • PRIORITY 3: Other applications in the following order:

a) New applicants for part-time studies

b) New applicants for full-time studies

c) Applicants who wish to resume their studies after having previously discontinue them.